Specialty Classes

Wild Woofers

For dogs who struggle (get too excited, fearful, concerned, etc) with the presence of other dogs. In this 6 week course we will help you begin the process of getting better focus and response from your dog.

Cost is $195 per 7 week course.


Kids & K9’s

This class is ideal for families with dogs and children to help create safety and harmony at home. It consists of interactive learning to train the dogs and teach the children how to live harmoniously together with mutual respect and understanding.

Cost is $135 per 6 week course.

Boredom Busters

Looking for a positive way to keep your dog busy, and "Play with Purpose"? In this 6 week course you'll introduce your dog to agility obstacles, play games that help reinforce good behavior, learn some new tricks, and just have fun!

Cost is $135 per 6 week course.

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