Family Training


We are proud to have West Michigan’s first licensed Family Paws™ Parent Educator on our team. Ensure a safe and happy environment for the whole family. With materials from the Family Paws™ Dogs & Storks® and Dogs & Toddlers™ programs we've created the following family training packages and classes:

Pups & New Parents


This package consists of 3 Private Lessons that combine parental instruction with positive dog training to facilitate a smooth transition for both pups and parents when welcoming a new baby home. Two sessions help expectant parents plan ahead and address any concerns about preparing pup for a newborn. One session post-delivery to continue building trust and comfort between dog & baby.

Kids & k9's


This package is ideal for families with dogs and children to ensure safety and harmony at home. It consists of 3 Private sessions that include interactive learning for the whole family. We offer practical and fun solutions to challenges that may occur during a child’s early development years. We teach dogs and children how to live in harmony with mutual respect and understanding.


For aggression cases involving children:

We take a team approach when your dog is feeling uncomfortable with a young family member. The first appointment is 90 minutes in length, and both our Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Licensed Family Paws Parent Educator attend. We will assess, provide feedback and guidance right away. Follow up appointment packages will be recommended during the appointment. Cost is $195.00