Adolescent & Adult Classes


Adolescent & Adult 101

For adolescent or adult dogs over 5 months old. This 6 week course includes basic manners training and refining. Class meets once per week for six weeks. Class will address the adolescent and adult development stages and how that affects training. Also, focus on attention and overall self-control.

Cost is $135 per 6 week course.


Like our Adolescent & Adult 101, but for dogs weighing less than 30lbs as adults. This class will provide you with techniques to teach your little learner the fundamentals of good manners.

Cost is $135 per 6 week course.


Rescue 101

For dogs over 5 months old that have been adopted within 6 weeks of the start of class. This 6 week course will help you bonding with your new addition, and will discuss common issues that can arise with a newly adopted dog. We will also focus on getting and keeping your dog's attention, practice calm sits and downs, loose leash walking, coming when called, stay, and overall self-control.

Cost is $135 per 6 week course.